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Thump! wins an award!

To our pleasure and surprise Thump! won the Vancouver prize for the Accessiblity Challenge at the Global Game Jam! We had designed this so it could be played by someone with limited movement. You can read about the award on the GGJV page here.


1 Game a Month

Despite the ridiculous number of half finished projects I have on the go, I decided to join One Game a Month. This is a really great project designed to help game developers get some steady output. It gives me a reason to create at least one new prototype a month which doesn’t have to be extensive. It just needs a beginning, middle and end and at least one person in the world has to consider it a game. They weren’t specific about whether that could be the developer or not. At least I’m off to a good start since I’ve already got a game for January from the GGJV.

Thump! Global Game 2013

thumpThump! is a simple one button mechanic game done for the GGJ Vancouver 2013. It was done in 48 hrs with my art buddy Willis Wong. I wanted to do the coding for this jam so it’s not an overly ambitious project but we did get it done in the time allowed. I learned a lot as always and had help from some great mentors including my buddy Eric Raue and Alec Holowka. The game used a Makey Makey interface which allowed me to rig up a simple foam heart as a controller. You thump the heart to play the game. We had many levels planned but as tends to happen at these events we were happy to get one level relatively complete.

Pedal to the medal

I tried a few visual programming tools in Unity this month. I started out with Playmaker which is a great way to do some rapid prototyping. Nice system but I wanted to explore some other options. I tried out uScript next which is a bit more like traditional coding. The real advantage is that it is visual and somewhat easier to work with than straight code. Especially if you aren’t too familiar with C#, Javascript or how Unity¬† talks to objects and puts things together. Ultimately, I had to admit that I was just avoiding real coding and decided to dig into C#. I’m really glad that I did.

EdmonDalek Saves the Universe

edmondalekI decided that December was going to be the month to beef up my Unity coding chops. I wanted to get in shape for the Global Game Jam in January. This game was done in Unity using the Playmaker state machine editor. The game was done as a Christmas Present for my nephew Edmond.







A bit of background

I’m an artist, musician, game developer and generally creative guy. I’ve worked in animation and game development for a bunch of years. I started on the indie path about 2 1/2 years ago and haven’t looked back. BokBok Labs is the game development arm of BokBok Books, an entity created to make interactive tablet books for kids. We have a number of projects in the works. Probably too many. Many lessons have been learned and lots of exciting things have happened. Let’s see where it goes from here.