genEric – The Drag and Drop Prototype Character for Unity!

genEric is a complete animated controllable character that you can drop into your Unity scene and literally be off and running! He comes with a full mechanim setup, over 25 hand crafted animations and full support for keyboard and joystick controls

Here’s what you get in the package:

  • genEric male character model. Fully rigged and editable FBX file at game friendly resolution.
  • Prefabs ready to drop into your scene. No linking up of animations or learning mechanim required.
  • Fully functional mechanim setup that ties everything together
  • customizable character control script with keyboard and joystick support
  • smart camera with adjustments, mouse look and auto adjustments for small spaces
  • basic animations like walking, running, jumping and falling
  • Bonus! Fully textured rooftop set with lightmaps.
  • Easily adapt all of the genEric animations and mechanim to your own character with simple instructions
  • blob shadow that follows the character

Click here to view genEric in the Unity Asset Store

Click here to play a demo version (Firefox only)