Magic Life Meter

AVAILABLE NOW for iPhone and Android!

You’re probably thinking – what! Another life counter for Magic:TG?

I already have 3 of them. Well, this one is different. Our life counter has been carefully designed and tested to be streamlined, functional, intuitive and awesome. No fiddly little buttons to fumble over. No extra stuff you don’t need. And it looks and sounds really cool.

As a bonus, the counter app includes a 3D physics based animated 12-sided dice for deciding who goes first or just messing around with. The die is actually 20 feet tall but we do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Just pick it up with your finger and toss it around!

Beat your opponent down to zero life and see their life counter turn into a wicked animated skull!

Includes basic, EDH and Two-Headed Giant modes.

Still not convinced? Play the fully featured web version on the left. Be sure to check out what happens when you have zero life. Try messing around with the 12-sided die as well.