build-the-pieThis month’s entry for OneGameAMonth is the pie building game from “Jane and the Kraken“. This project is an interactive illustrated kid’s book for tablet computers. I had previously done a version of this game but I wanted to redo it properly now that I have some better Unity coding chops. Because the game is basically one big state machine, I decided to use Playmaker to put it together. This iteration is a straightforward version with just one solution and single correct path to finding it. The main challenge is to figure out the correct sequence and get all the ingredients into the pie before the fish escapes.

I have also been toying with a version where you can assemble the pie in a number of different ways. There would only be one or possibly two correct solutions but there would be interesting consequences for putting the ingredients together in the wrong order. For example, adding the dough before the fish will cause the fish to bounce off the dough, etc. I think that version would be more interesting but for the purposes of the book probably too complicated.
Click here to play the game